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Purchasing in advance

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Many weddings are planned months or even years in advance, with arrangements such as venue, photographer, wedding cars, DJ, all booked early.  The venue decorations, stationery and gifts are also a very important part of the event and from experience it is wise to purchase well in advance of the event to avoid disappointment.

We always try and keep our stock levels as high as possible, but demand is a funny thing.  Some weeks products will sell better than others and occasionally popular products do sell out.  This is usually due to a high demand for this product in the market.

But I hear you say, "someone else will have that particular product", but if it is a specific design or range that you are looking for on a product, it is usually the case that the manufacturer or importer are currently out of stock and are waiting for a shipment from the Far East.

Although the world is getting smaller through technology, imports still take the same length of time and a product maybe out of stock for several weeks or even months, particularly if demand has been much higher than usual.

Therefore, if you have set you eyes on a specific product design, the message is clear, purchase it well in advance of the wedding date to avoid disappointment.

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