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Vanessa Williams Egyptian Love Story

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Vanessa Williams Egyptian Love Story

Vanessa Williams Egyptian Love Story
25th February 2016

Vanessa and Jim's Vision for the Wedding Invitations.
Vanessa and Jim both live in New York State, but it took a trip to Egypt and a romantic cruise on the Nile River in order to find one another. When Vanessa and her daughter were vacationing in 2012, Vanessa couldn’t help but notice Jim sporting a Buffalo Sabres shirt. With Vanessa’s family originally from Buffalo, she striked up a conversation and a three-hour long date soon followed. The rest was to be intertwined into the Egyptian history books.

This beautiful and exotic encounter inspired the theme behind their wedding, and subsequently inspired the vision behind the wedding invitation reflecting a luxe Egyptian theme.

The Colours of Love
One key colour was set by the couple – A royal, shimmering gold. The rest was left up to Adorn Wedding Invitations’ creative team. The supporting colour that best resonated with Vanessa and Jim was Marsala – Pantones colour of the year. The colour beautifully reflects the romance and passion at the heart of Vanessa and Jim’s relationship, and the earthy and rich hues also donate to the exotic nature of their theme. The golden details also contrasted magically against the deep Marsala backing.

Created by Adorn’s century year old printing machine – it took a while before the correct inks were mixed to create the final Marsala colour. The hard work however was completely worth it as it turns out – the colour was even found amongst the Nile where Vanessa and Jim first met. With the golden accents reflecting the sandy dunes of Egypt – it seems like no other colour combination could have been more perfect.

A Unique Touch
There is a uniquely special significance in the Lotus leaf that is featured on the invitation. Jim had proposed to Vanessa with an engagement ring that had the lotus flower etched onto the inside. The flower which represents new love and awakening is particularly known for its ability to flourish out of the muddy water where it is born and considering Vanessa and Jim had been married previously – the flower could thus not be truer to their relationship.
By including the 14k gold Lotus Flower as a seal on all invitations – each guest was welcomed to Vanessa and Jims blossoming new love.

In addition to the Lotus leaf, Vanessa openly shared all her wedding planning inspiration, including a luxurious Carmen Marc Valvo dress with an intricate Egyptian pattern. The Adorn designers honed in on this, and decided to use the pattern from Vanessa’s dress in the laser cutting element of her invites. The designers first hand sketched an exact replica of the lace detailing and duplicated it onto their computer program, creating a uniform and elegant pattern. This was then transferred to the laser cutting machinery where it cut the exact detail into all of the cages on the outside of the invitation.

Glitz & Gold
Perhaps Adorn’s most signature process - the team has mastered gold foiling so well, that several of their modern, elegant invitations feature it. Gold foiling is created by applying the gold fabric in between two hot metal plates with a distinct design. These plates are then melted onto the card backing resulting in the stunning colour. The heat acts to temper the fabric which results in the shimmering and vibrant outcome. Against the deep rich hues of the Marsala backing – the outcome was stunningly regal – fit for royalty.

The Outcome
The most time consuming process, was the idea generation and design process. This took just over two months, however the actual manufacturing of the design (precision laser cutting, offset printing, gold stamp foiling, and hand assembly) took just under three weeks.

It seems however, that the time dedicated to this creation was well worth it – as Vanessa absolutely fell in love with the final creation. Saying that “they were a beautiful piece of art and were a hit with the guests!” Both Adorn and the couple couldn’t have wished for a more Royal Egyptian and luxurious design. The design received such an overwhelming response that Adorn has decided to place it into production at a lower cost so all brides can enjoy the decadence of such a unique design.

To view a wonderful video of the creative process, which produced the beautiful invitation, please click here.

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