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Vintage Romance - Food Flags / Cake Topper Flags (Ivory / Gold)

Product Number:    596874
  • £2.48

Don't you just hate it when you go to a wedding, party or even a corporate event and you can't tell what the items at the buffet are.

It is a simple fact that some people will eat anything, but others have a more sensitive palate or even have an allergy and therefore appreciate being advised of what the food is.

Instead of having place cards in front of the buffet item, why not use our 'Vintage Romance' food flags.

There are 20 food flags per pack, with 2 different designs in each pack including 10 hearts and 10 rectangular flags. The background colour of the food flags is ivory and the pattern around each edge is gold coloured. 

In the centre of the flags there is space to write the name of the food, however the flags can also be used to simply decorate at the occasion. They can also be used with cupcake, which is a very popular trend. 

Each flag measures approximately 67 mms in height.

This design of cupcake / food flag is also available in silver and white. We also have other cupcake flags available suitable for various occasions such as baby shower, summer party and seasons such as Christmas.